2018 September - added a photo of Scott & Valentina to Sights and Friends

 2016 November - added Amsterdam 2016.

 2016 February - added Chicago / New York 2015.

 2015 March - with the help of our friend at Ring eBooks we spiffed up the front page.

 2015 January - added Berlin 2014.

 2014 November - we added labels to the images.

 2014 October - we added a connection on the front page to our good friends at Ring eBooks.

 2014 September - an additional image was added to "Sights" and "San Francisco Scenes".

 2014 August - all series of images were converted to a carousel mode with the help of the brilliant mind at Technoir.

 2014 April - five additional images were added to "San Francisco Scenes".

 In the beginning there were three series of photographs; "Golden Gate Bridge Scenes" with eight images, "San Francisco Scenes" with seven images, and "Sights" with four images.

 2014 January - was created.

 These are the photographs of J.C. Jordan. We also hang out at CinemaToast.

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